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Gesshin Uraku 150mm Stainless Wa-Petty

Gesshin Uraku 150mm Stainless Wa-Petty


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Gesshin Uraku 150mm Stainless Wa-Petty

Our Gesshin Uraku line represents a great value in kitchen cutlery.  This is one of our best-selling lines.  Not too thin, but not thick either.  Not too hard or soft.  These knives are suitable for both professional and home cooks alike.  They are very chip resistant, stainless, and lightweight.  They come with very nice octagonal handles and matching sayas. The handles on these knives come with either black, marble, or blonde buffalo horn. We can not take specific requests, but feel free to check with us about what we have in stock.


Gesshin Uraku 150mm Stainless Wa-Petty with octagonal handle and matching saya


Weight 52
Handle Length 121.5
Handle Height 21.5
Handle Width 16.6
Handle to Tip Length 160.0
Heel to Tip Length 151.0
Blade Height at Heel 28.0
Blade Thickness at 1/2 way between the Spine and Edge 1.0
Width of Spine at Middle 1.4
Width of Spine Above Heel 1.7
Width of Spine at Handle 1.7
Width of Spine about 1cm from the tip 0.7