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Gesshin Hide 240mm Blue #2 Hon-Kasumi Wa-Gyuto in Ichii

Gesshin Hide 240mm Blue #2 Hon-Kasumi Wa-Gyuto in Ichii


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Gesshin Hide 240mm Blue #2 Hon-Kasumi Wa-Gyuto in Ichii

This wa-gyuto project began when we went with the maker of our Gesshin Hide knives to visit one of the blacksmiths he often works with.  For a long time now, I have been saying that the maker of our Gesshin Hide line and his father are by far the best knife sharpeners I have met.  While hanging out in the blacksmiths shop, we had a chance to watch him work and talk to him about his knife making philosophy.  I've used blades forged by him before and have always been impressed time and time again.  Meeting him was the tipping point.  I asked the two of them if they would make us some blue #1 kasumi wa-gyutos.  The blacksmith responded that he thought he could do a much better job for gyuto with blue #2 steel, and I now know better than to argue with the craftsmen.  Together with the expert grinding and sharpening on our Gesshin Hide knives, I expect these knives to be great tools and spectacular examples of great craftsmanship.


The limited run of these 240mm Blue #2 wa-gyutos come with beautiful ichii octagon handles and matching sayas.  Each knife comes with a serial number and certification sticker, verifying that each knife has been made by certified craftsmen in Sakai.  The beautiful misty finish covers the entire clad area of the knife.  These knives are thicker at the spine than a lot of knives we carry, but still manage to be thin behind the edge.

Gesshin Hide 240mm Blue #2 Hon-Kasumi Wa-gyuto with Ichii Octagon Handle and Matching Saya- Special Project


Weight 218
Handle Length 145
Handle Height 27.7
Handle Width 23.5
Handle to Tip Length 245.0
Heel to Tip Length 230
Blade Height at Heel 52
Blade Thickness at 1/2 way between the Spine and Edge 2.30
Width of Spine at Middle 2.7
Width of Spine Above Heel 3.7
Width of Spine at Handle 3.95
Width of Spine about 1cm from the tip 1.25